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Jan 25, 2023
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The Bondee Apk provides access to the simple social media used by the metaverse to create virtual spaces for groups of friends to meet and chat.

Undoubtedly, the Metaverse will be huge in the near future. In fact, there are already many programs that beg us to use them to have an immersive and meaningful experience. This social network is one of them. But how does it work and is it different from others?

Bondee App is a creative social network based on the Metaverse. Once their account is created, users enter the virtual space. The purpose of this application is to invite your closest friends to join the Metaverse. Up to 50 friends are allowed in each room.

Another amazing feature of this application is its avatar system. Users can create their own 3D avatar in the editor with many options. Avatars are important in this world of social media because they are what we use to communicate on the site. In other words, the story is not just a box. We can interact with other users in different ways as if it were a real-time video game.

All in all, downloading Apk files is a new and bold way for us to use social media to overcome some of the barriers in the digital world. The only downside is that registration requires a phone number, which is only available in a few countries now.


Bondee Apk is the perfect platform for you and your close friends to get together and stay connected wherever you are. Live in an immersive virtual environment, play games, exchange photos, and videos send voice messages, and more.

You can use the Bondee App to organize events like parties and movie nights with friends. You can schedule group calls, send photos and videos from the event, and talk and stay in touch after the event is over.

Create polls or polls that you can quickly share with your friends on Facebook. These polls and polls will help strengthen the relationship between you and your close friends, allowing you to quickly discuss topics that interest each other.

Share music in this App so you can create an online playlist that all your friends can enjoy whenever they want! Music creates the emotional bonds that bring people together - cherish those moments by sharing special songs through the app to remind everyone of their memories.

Take part in fun gaming tournaments organized by you and other players from around the world! Compete while playing classic video games, board games like poker, chess, etc. To strengthen the bond between you and your loved ones.

Go out with your friends

Bondee is a virtual place where you and your loved ones can relax in real life.


Invite 50 friends to your site.


Create your own avatar.

Choose from a variety of original stylish dresses created by designers from the fashion community.

Social class

Bondee will open the circle immediately as an avatar for all your friends.

Double-tap your friends to chat.

Express yourself through chat or authority.


Keep up with your friends and live messages.

Use your best power to start and enhance your story.


Share your opinion. Tap to take a photo and choose a personalized cartoon emoji of your emotions.

Express yourself with your camera and animated emojis.


Create your own space to store your favorite things. You can have more fun by visiting friends' sites.

It's temporary

Discover the wonders of the sea and face the unknown. Throw or collect flying bottles to interact with new friends.

Hang out with friends who understand you best.

Ready, ready, run!

What is Bondee Apk?

The Bondee Apk is a virtual reality game that allows players to live in an immersive 3D environment. The game features unique avatars, interactive NPCs, and various activities such as playing mini-games, watching movies, and engaging in virtual chats with other players. Bondee also offers customization for each user profile and a set of tools to create relationships with other players.

Be there for them when ideas aren't enough, or physical health isn't enough, start free cross-channel video calls with the Bondee App. There's nothing like connecting face-to-face, especially when life is tough: Connect with them, whether near or far, with this awesome app feature.

Don't forget to visit Bondee's talk wall or forum where active members discuss music, sports, politics, or anything in between! It's always good to connect with new people with similar interests - who knows? Your partner can go beyond conversations on message walls or forums.


Private group space

The app is designed to provide an authentic virtual space where you and your close friends can hang out, chat and reminisce. Get a special application link to join the site and be part of it for as long as you want. Your stories, experiences, photos, and videos are shared individually with the people in your group like in a face-to-face meeting.

Screen sharing for video conference

Bell has an interactive platform with screen-sharing capabilities in online meetings. Everyone on the team can participate and provide an immersive experience with side-by-side connections.

Personal wall decoration

Personalize your space by designing a unique wallpaper. Beautify your walls by adding photos, memes, GIFs, and audio files to the feed. Funny wallpapers are a starting point for endless discussions on many topics through our open forums, for example, why doesn't a four-seater sofa shine at some point? So it's a wonderful experience that comes from such wonderful stories.

Digital Game Room in App

Add fun to your personal events when you use the game room in-app Bondee Apk. Play Android mini-games like Headsup Charades or Rummy Wars with a group of three or four friends, these games develop problem-solving or communication skills in an ongoing friendly competition, having fun.

Live streaming function

Finally, enjoy up to 4 hours of live-streaming sessions from the app - each stream is limited to 300 attendees, so invited friends to get the same attention and no episodes appear all the time. In addition, there is a 30-minute delay after which users' posts will automatically delete themselves, allowing users to protect their privacy - providing peace of mind for users who do not it's concerned. It's better here because the streaming service continues to provide great entertainment, which has been recognized in both ways, and advanced physical culture that no other category has reached until now.

The main features of Bondee Apk:

  • Some Bondee properties require the following permits:
  • Your photos and videos are stored in albums. Also, you can add it to your gallery.
  • You will need a camera to take pictures, shoot movies and scan QR codes.
  • Video and audio messages can be sent and recorded through the microphone.
  • System notifications and chat messages are sent using messaging services.
  • Thanks for the contacts, find friends signed up with Bondee.
  • A variety of stylish and unique clothes are available to customize the avatar.
  • You can express your thoughts with a beautiful and beautiful "status".
  • You can participate in fun "activities" with your friends.
  • Build a "home" in your "space" with your friends.
  • Swim to discover mysteries and wonders.
  • Up to 50 friends visit your home.