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v1.43 for Android
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May 26, 2023
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Isekai Awakening Apk Download: It's a real adventure. I want the games to be good and different for each situation so that every moment is good and you don't get bored with useless things.

You can talk to different women as you go and how you deal with them depends on what they think of you and what they say.

Since this is a mature game and the death involved here is no joke, you can expect to see some bad news. The game is 2D and uses pixel art. The game engine is RPG Maker MZ.

About Isekai Awakening Apk:

A pixel art picture book where you can meet in a dream world with beautiful girls.

You play as a young man called by the Sex Maiden to capture all the women in the city, fight the Evil Maiden, bring her to her knees, and become the new king.

Features of Isekai Awakening Apk:

  • 12 main people can get married
  • The gender skill tree, level up, improve your stats and check female progress.
  • Drugs, accidents in the night, mini-games, pregnancy, and addiction for female characters.
  • There are many ways to improve relationships.