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Aug 05, 2022
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Download Multiversus Apk - Latest Version - For Android. Discover one of the best free crossover games coming to Android in 2022!

There are lots of different fighting games for Android with some favorite characters from the best TV or movie franchises like Legendary Fighter Apk or Z Champions Apk. But usually,

these games only focus on one franchise and do not allow you to compare characters from that franchise with characters from completely different franchises. However, crossovers are really fun and in high demand by gamers, so it would be great if other developers came forward to create new crossovers for their fans.

And the same thing happens with the Multiversus App! As the name suggests, this game is one of the best fighting games of 2022 in DC and Warner Bros. Combines the characters of Na perfectly into an epic crossover.

It allows you to experiment with different combinations of characters, where you can play the role of a superhero. Batman chooses to fight characters like Tom and Jerry. Can you imagine how this war would have ended?


It's a crossover fighting game similar to the MUGEN Apk but this time it's fully authentic and fully licensed by Warner Bros. and DC. This means you can choose from a variety of characters from both brands, including most DC superheroes and all kinds of Warner Bros.

cartoon characters. The result is a really fun fighting game where any combination is possible and where each character is able to beat the other. Can you imagine Batman being defeated by Shaggy and Scooby-Doo?

As for the quality of the Multiversus game, as it is an officially licensed game, it has excellent quality, impressive 3D graphics, and very intuitive and easy-to-use controls. Hours pass when you want to constantly test your skills with different characters!

Cross-platform compatibility, tag team mode, and more!

The game has been released for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X, Android, and of course PC. And it has a lot of flexibility to play online between different platforms. This means you can play with any friend who has the game installed on Android, but also on any other console like PlayStation or Xbox.

In addition, you have the opportunity to compete against any combination of characters in exciting four-on-two player combat mode. This means it's about to be the most delusional time of the year, as well as the most delusional.

What is Multiversus Apk?

Multiversus is Warner Bros. Choose to strengthen your resources and build platforms like Super Smash Bros. or Brawlhalla. As you might expect, the company offers a wide range of multimedia brands and franchises in various mediums,

and some of them, such as Bugs Bunny and Batman, will appear in the game. Game of Thrones Arya Stark will also be in attendance. ,

Multiversus borrows heavily from Super Smash Bros. in terms of gameplay and mechanics. You can play in one of three modes: 1v1, 2v2, or Battle Royale, all for free. Likewise, you'll fight through different stages with the aim of knocking opponents off the pitch. The more damage they do, the more you take them out.

One of the best features of the game is that it allows for cross-platform play, which means you can connect and play with friends no matter what platform you use. However, based on recent news, the official release may take some time.

It will be released in 2022, although the exact date is unknown. Multiverse is stage combat in which players compete on multiple levels with the goal of pushing their opponents beyond the limits of the field and inflicting more damage on characters. The game is usually played on a 2v2 basis, while 1v1 and free-for-all versions are also available.

The app is secure. We have already tested the APK. We will collectively respond to the current application on our website so that our users can better understand the application. You can find a lot of information about this app on the official website of the developer.

I hope this Multiversus App review has answered all your questions. Go ahead, download it and start using it.

Features of Multiversus Apk:

Fantastic fighting game -
Although not a crossover game, this fighting game is definitely one of the best to be released in 2022, so you can enjoy epic battles and great graphics.

One of the best crossovers in history -

But of course what makes this game so much fun is the combination of characters like Great Crossover, Arya Stark, Wonder Woman, Harley Queen, or Tom and Jerry!

Match Combat Mode -

The game allows you to compete in pairs of four against four, each of which may have a different character. Think carefully about which combination you want to choose!

Optimized for cross-platform play -

You can also compete online on a variety of platforms, so you can play against friends who have the game installed on PlayStation 5 or Xbox One.

In Multiverse, Multiverse is at your command as you fight in intense 2v2 battles. Against Batman and Shaggy? Give Bug Bunny and Arya Stark a try! This Platform Fighter lets you play your fantasy matches in one-on-one battles for fun cooperation or excellence.

Vase -

Choose from Harley Quinn, Tom, and Jerry, Finn the Human, Wonder Woman, Steven Universe, Jack the Dog, Garnet, Superman, and Reindog. Each fighter has unique abilities that dynamically connect with other characters.

Card -

Play on various maps of the mythical world of our characters, including Batman's Batcave and Jack and Finn's Triforce.

Cross-platform -

Protect Multiverse on any available platform, anytime with your friends. Includes full cross-platform gameplay and progress.

Mode -

Play for free with our innovative 2v2 co-op experience or the intense 1v1 4-player all-in-one experience. You can improve your skills in training mode or put them to the test in numbered competitive mode. Multiverse supports online and local games.

Arrangement -

Each character has its own custom advantage loadout that changes the way you play the game and interacts with your fellow players.

Competitors -

Multiverse seamlessly provides a highly competitive experience with servers dedicated to online gaming.

Growing Multiverse -

Multiversus is regularly updated with new characters, stages, modes, in-game events, skins, and more.