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Aug 06, 2022
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Descenders Apk is the ultimate downhill free ride for the modern era, a procedural world where mistakes have real consequences. Will you lead your team to victory and become the next big kid?

  • Procedurally Generated World: Encounter different jumping, hanging, and heel bombs every time you play
  • Freestyle Bike Control: Control your rider's every subtle movement with a detailed physics system designed for amazing whips and scrubs.

  • Risk vs. Reward: Push your driver for huge scores and combos - but if you fold too often, you could lose it all.
  • BUILD YOUR REP.: Show off your skills and earn new bikes and discussions with a fully functional online rep system.
  • Become the next successor: Can you survive the game in one turn and rise to the ranks of the legendary successors?

It is an open-world game that comes with a huge map to explore. Enjoy cycling everywhere and participate in many races, tournaments, events, etc. It is an online game that you can play with your friends and other online players around the world This game is not like many other stunt or bike racing games. This is a brand new and unique game that gives you a great gaming experience.

Descenders game will offer you many things like: You can enjoy free-riding on hills, mountain tracks, stunts, and many more. The whole map is full of many interesting places where you can drive, have fun and improve your skills.

Perform many cool and dangerous stunts and overcome many obstacles while driving.

About Descenders Apk

Descenders Apk is an Android sports game that offers the best off-road racing platform ever. There are various facilities available to users which are easily available to everyone. Start your game as a rookie and become the greatest leader of all time.

A wide range of features is available for users to easily access and enjoy. So if you want to enjoy yourself and discover all the great facilities, you only need to stay with us a few times and explore all the facilities available.

Start with a simple registration process where you have to provide some basic information. You can add your email account during the registration process, which saves all your achievements in the cloud.

So, with this amazing game, everyone can get an unmatched gaming experience on their Android device. The game has several features that you can explore and enjoy. So if you are interested in exploring more services, contact us and know more.

We are going to share some of the best features of the Descendants mobile game that you can get here. You just need to find all the relevant information below and enjoy. If you want to know something about the game before playing the game, you must stay with us.

This is the new and latest racing game developed and published by Noodlecake for Android and iOS users around the world who want to play a brand new racing game with custom worlds and tracks.

In this new race, players have the opportunity to play the game quickly and team up with other racers from around the world to become the next legendary race. Players who have played bike games will easily understand the core gameplay of this game which involves riding the bike downhill and many other situations.

In this new game, the developers have added the latest in-depth physics system designed for smooth whips and scrubs that help players control their bikes independently as they ride through different roads.

In this game, like other racing games, players get a lot of great gameplay and features. To unlock these premium items in the game, they need to be paid or earn big points while playing to get the premium items as free rewards.

While playing the game, remember that any mistake you make while playing will have real consequences. So play the game carefully and take a good decision to finish the game with a good score.

Once you know the gameplay of this new game and you want to install this new game, download and install Descenders Apk from a third-party website. If you have a problem getting the download link, try other games below for free on our website.

Descenders Apk Features 

Downhill Race - We see so many incredible sports happening every day. In racing style, we can fully enjoy it in different styles like car, bike, motorcycle,s and many more. The bike is slower than others but can be attractive for racing.

So if you are looking for something fun to play, download Descenders now and enjoy. This is a game that lets you drive down to the most exciting places.

In this racing game, you will drive your bike down in many places because there are many obstacles and ramps on the way. You can do combos and do all kinds of stunts to get more points. This game is fun, so download it today and choose the best team for you.

There are three teams available and then you can enjoy your sponsors like Kinetic, Enemy, and Arboreal. Each of them allows you to ride on different tracks and styles. What are you waiting for, bike now!

Multiple Dangerous Places - There are many dangerous and interesting places for kids to run. Each location has all kinds of crawls, obstacles, and challenges for you. The game has several levels to play, each increasing in difficulty.

If you're not afraid to show off your skills, your time to shine is when your heart is beating fast. It's unlike any other racing game you've ever played because you're on a single track!

Choose your team - In this game, you have to choose your sponsor track which is your team. It is wooded with many off-road places where you can cycle.

Then there's Kinetic, which offers fast downhill action for you to enjoy. Finally, there is one enemy that prioritizes stunts above all others. Whatever you choose, you can enjoy your time here with a variety of hikes. There are so many challenges to enjoy because every song is worth your time.

Stunning Graphics – This game is not your average racing game. It has dynamic graphics and physics that add realism for you to enjoy.

The controls are simple as you can control the direction of your wheel so you can go sideways and do stunts. The camera can also adapt to the desired scene.

A very functional world. The game has a procedurally generated world. You run through deserts, forests, and mountains. The terrain is different every time you play. You will find crawls, hill bombs, and jumps as you explore the world.

Realistic game physics. The game has authentic mechanics and physics. With which you can easily do stunts. The bike responds perfectly to your input and gives you a realistic feel.

Freestyle bike control. This game puts you in complete control of your bike. You can use normal whips and scrubs to do stunts and combos. You can also change the camera to get a better view of the area.

replayability The game has high replay value due to its random world and events. You never drive the same road twice. The game also features procedurally generated objects, including rocks, trees, and bushes.

Very rewarding gameplay. The risk compensation system is perfectly balanced. You will get a good return for the risk. The more adventurous you are, the more rewards you will receive.

Create and customize your delegate. How strong is your reputation for crews you can join? You can build your rep by hitting targets and winning races. The game also has a customization system that allows you to change the look of your driver.

Main Features 

  • The best mountain bike experience is free.
  • A real forest
  • Red Bull racers spend time in Player Options trying to be the best of the week
  • Challenge your friends and people around the world in multiplayer mode
  • 20 more cards
  • 4 different seasons,
  • Snow, rain, sun, and fog
  • Red Bull racers racing on hills with realistic bike physics
  • Develop and customize your motorcycle with the money you earn
  • Various racing suits
  • High-resolution optimized images
  • Can be played without wifi
  • Free to play bmx madskills bmx 2 game.
  • The feeling of playing with the main camera and eyes of a biker
  • Different mountain bike unicorns to unlock!
  • Run downhill to gain a lot of speed!
  • Professional PPO tricks and combos!
  • The best MTB racing game for mountain bikes!
  • More monster truck games and stuck farmer games coming soon!

Choose your team wisely!

Descenders Apk, The group you join will determine the type of challenge you will face. There are three factions to choose from, each with its own strengths and weaknesses. You should consider your playing style before making a decision. The team you choose will affect the ending of the game. The team includes:

enemy of the party. This group is suitable for players who want to take risks. The challenges are tough, but the rewards are worth it. Members are hardy adventurers who live to the limit.

Team Arboreal. This team takes you on an off-road course. The challenges in Team Enemy are not that extreme. However, they are still powerful enough to test your skills. Team dynamics. This team is all about speed. The challenges are fast-paced and require quick reflexes, and members are known for their daring stunts. It's perfect for those who want high-octane adrenaline-pumping gameplay.

When choosing a team, you should know that all goals are different. You must weigh them against each other to determine your most desirable position. Here are the teamwork rules to follow:

Always wear your team colors. You have to be proud of your team and show it by wearing the right colors. Be a good team player. You have to help your teammates where you can. This way you can build trust and earn their respect. Your replay points accumulate for your team and help them achieve overall victory.

Respect the chain of command. Each team always has a leader/commander. You must listen to them and follow their orders. This is how you achieve your team's goals.

If you follow these simple rules, your team has a better chance of winning. You also get access to your team's exclusive channel available on the Descenders Discord server. Lead your team to victory and be the last survivor!

Choose a team, become a legend

In Descenders Apk, your team is your life. Choosing a side - enemy, forest, or kinetic - will match you with other players who choose the same side as you.

Take your bike, choose your team and try to live up to the legend of your origin. Will you join the skill-hungry ranks of Team Enemy, the slick off-road style of Team Arboreal, or the blazing fast speed of all things Team Kinetic?

  • Wear your team colors and apparel with pride and get exclusive team gear
  • Your rep points count towards your team's total rep and the best team gets a special prize
  • Descenders can access your team's exclusive channel on the Discord server.


Nowadays we can play many racing games for free. Racing is an important part of our entertainment as many movies, series, and games are dedicated to it. If you like to participate in many incredible races, there are many games available for you to try.

You can have fun playing racing games, but if you like cycling, there are Descenders Apk. This is a unique bike racing game, unlike any other bike racing game you have ever played. This game has many new features for you to enjoy.

If you have been playing bike games all your life, get ready to try something new. The graphics of this game seems to come from a game console, but the graphics are quite amazing.

The game challenges you on a free ride down the mountain with dozens of challenges and varied terrain. You can choose your teams, such as B. Boom, Enemy, or Movement. You will have a lot of fun in this game because you can play many levels.