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Jul 30, 2022
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Download the latest version of the Game For Peace Apk file. Game for Peace is the Chinese version of PUBG (PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds). China cracked down on violent games, so Tencent (the developers of PUBG) removed PUBG in China and replaced it with Game for Peace. It's basically the same game, but stripped of the bloody and gory graphics. Download the complete peace game for your Android phone or tablet here.

Download the latest Game For Peace App file on your Android, open it, and install it. Please note that the .apk file will take a long time to open and install the game as the file size is large.


If you follow the latest trends in action games, you must have heard about PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS, an online multiplayer battle royale action game that has become popular worldwide.

The Android version is called Game For Peace App, formerly known as PUBG Accelerating Battlefield. Well, there is another one in the form of two Android versions called PUBG Army Attack. The thing is, we won't be able to download any games from Google Play or iTunes except for the Chinese versions because both games are developed for that market. So, if you don't want to stick to the version downloaded from Steam and want to play online wherever you go, here's the mobile version in APK format. However, note that it is in Chinese ...

Here you will see the same as the PC or Xbox version. You have to configure your character and race throughout the battlefield to face the rest of the opponents. Try to get as many weapons as possible, keep an eye on the map and try to survive everything you need to be the ultimate player.

Game For Peace App (also known as Peacekeeper Elite) is one of two official titles launched in Asia for PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS. The original Bluehole Studio PUBG game is close to this version of Army Attack.

You will be thrown into a battle royale where 100 real players compete in a closed environment until no one is left standing. To win, you must move around the island collecting equipment that spawns in the playing field, which shrinks as the player approaches.

The remake has many elements of the original game. There are the same controls, but they are optimized for touchscreens and the objects and interactive elements are the same. Loot the corpses of your victims, raid buildings, and drive vehicles.

Just like Game for Peace, PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS is optimized for the Android platform. To encourage daily play, rewards are awarded through daily missions and special events.

What is Game For Peace Apk?

The original battle royale experience

The addictive Android kill, loot and survival game for Peace aims to be fun and strategic, making it a great mobile game to play with your friends or strangers. Game for Peace looks like a neighborhood of many games with the same model: parachuting to an island and fighting to the death to be the last one standing. Here you will also learn how to download the India peace game and you will also get the peace game by downloading the new version

Like the trilogy, Game for Peace takes players to an island of their choice with the ability to skydive at any time. Strategic planning often begins here. Move into a village and get instant access to tons of resources like weapons, armor, and health items. Here you will also find a new version of the peace game.

However, the population density is better when descending into the city, increasing the chances of getting killed quickly. Don't worry friends, here you will also learn how to download the India peace game.

Features of Game For Peace Apk:

Stunning Graphics -

During this fantastic game, graphics play a very important role. You will get a completely realistic experience with the amazing graphics used in this game.

Intense Battles -

You will be able to play all these intense battles here during this game. You have to defend yourself from your enemies and defeat them to win the game.

Play Online -

Play online with all your friends and have fun with them.

Fun Events -

Players also have to participate in many fun events to make the game very interesting.

Daily Rewards -

A twist like no other game, where you will get all the best rewards every day that can keep you motivated while playing.

Free to Play -

You don't need to pay anything to download or play. This should be the only thing because you won't see any completely hidden costs here during this game.

Without further ado on your Android device, download this game now and start playing with your friends.

Key features of Game For Peace Apk:

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  • Many players in one group, hundreds of players in the fight! Working with teammates to survive to the end.
  • Footsteps are approaching, gunshots are ringing in the ears and danger is everywhere! Can you survive to the next second?
  • Heavy collision of enemy vehicles! Living is just a moment away.
  • Sniper Battle, 50V50, Team Fight... Many creative leisure games are constantly updated and you can find the most suitable...!