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mai 15, 2022
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Sad Face Filter Apk is a quick and fun way to express your feelings to your friends and family.

Sad Face Filter Apk: One of the best AI photo editing smartphone apps is called FaceApp. You can turn your selfie into a model image using one of the most popular apps, which has been downloaded over 500 million times so far. FaceApp gives you everything you need to make editable shares on Instagram. No more tapping on the screen!

Make experimental, photorealistic edits with just one tap, using a huge collection of filters, backgrounds, effects, and other AI tools. You don't have to spend hours re-editing your photos!

Sad Face Filter Apk Highlights

  1. Photo editor.
  2. Here are the effects filters you can use to enhance your selfie.
  3. Have a mustache or beard.
  4. Dye your hair and cut your hair to give a statement.
  5. Increase the volume of your hair.
  6. Try some of the latest and greatest cosmetic filters.
  7. Use imaginative lighting effects.
  8. Acne and scarring need to be removed.
  9. A few wrinkles
  10. Easy controls to zoom in or out facial features.
  11. Take a look through the colored lenses.
  12. A simple comparison tool is available at each stage to analyze the difference before and after.
  13. Complete control over temperature, saturation, and other factors.

Have fun

  • Gender exchange - See what you would look like if you were of a different gender.
  • You can ask AI to choose the ideal hairstyle and color for you.
  • Try our popular old and young filters for your old photos.
  • Turn your photo into one with your most admired star.
  • Change your look with your friends.
  • Take a look at what your future children will look like.
  • Get inspired by lots of photos to create your own unique style.
  • Imagine being part of a famous moment in a movie.
  • Try a weighting filter: maximize or minimize.
  • And many more fun filters!

Sad Face Filter Apk Additional Features


  • Sad Face Filter Apk can be accessed directly from the camera: just tap on it to take a photo or long-press on it to record a video.
  • Use lenses, filters, bitcoins, and more to express yourself!
  • Every day the Sad Face Filter community creates new contact lenses for you to try!


  • Send live messages to your friends or share your day with group stories.
  • You can video chat with up to 16 friends at once using lenses and filters!
  • Friendmojis is a unique Bitmojis created especially for you and your friend.


  • See the stories of your friends and find out what their days were like.
  • See stories related to you from the Sad Face Filter community.
  • Find the latest news and real programming.