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The web ticketing platform will eliminate in-person queues to purchase freely convertible currency (MLC) at Cadaca and will be available in 37 branches with the service by the end of January 2023, bank president Joaquin Alonso Vazquez said. institution Alonso Vazquez said the application aims to eliminate long queues at offices that offer redemption services,

as well as contribute to customers' better time management and avoid illegal things that might occur. The banknote has been undergoing experimental testing since last Thursday at the Parque Vidal branch in the province of Villa Clara; last week, after entering the application waiting room, the first people received their changes without any problems. Ticket Xetid Apk was developed by an IT tools company as an online reservation system and is available at www.apklis.cu for PC (tickets.xutil.net) and via mobile devices with the Android operating system.

Jandro Velazquez, head of Ticket Xetid main business unit in the central Villa Clara region, told ACN that registering requires the user to enter the required data correctly. According to experts, each branch will have its own waiting room where a maximum of three beneficiaries can be added so that family or friends who do not have a computer or mobile device can use the service.

Personal data is standardized through a single citizen file, which enables interoperability between organizations and provides greater reliability in terms of information. According to the Kadeka president, after using the ticket, customers only need to show their ID when going to the appointment, and if they don't show up for the appointment, the online booking will be closed automatically.

Alonso Vazquez said no CADECA employee could intervene to advance or delay a shift and a user could only be in one waiting room at a time. The respondents were unanimous in the competence of the Computer and Electronics youth club to advise people on the use of web platforms.

According to Alonso Vázquez, CADECA intends to expand online services in the Antilles in search of digital transformation for the benefit and benefit of citizens. The Central Bank of Cuba has authorized currency exchange in 37 authorized CADECA offices since last August; In each transaction, the customer can buy USD 100 per person or the equivalent in another MLC.

About Ticket Xetid Apk

Ticket Xetid Apk is a new Cuban online booking platform developed by Defense Information Technology Company (Xetid), allows online appointments for civil registration procedures by individuals and government agencies and individuals until September 5.

In order to better serve the population, the Guantanamo Provincial Directorate of Justice ordered the sealing of the main municipality's notary unit from May 16, 2022, and extended its implementation to two services to be provided by September. Published by the Guantánamo Civil Registry: Formalizing Marriages and Correcting Wrongs.

Tickets can be booked from September and are expected to be the primary way of accessing the above services from September 19th.

The web address is: https://tiket.xutil.net, however, the number 21327225 has also been activated so that even those who do not have a mobile platform can buy shifts between 8:05 a.m. and 12:00 p.m. Early shifts were for notary services and from 2:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. reserved for civil status procedures, namely the formalization of marriages and requests for the correction of errors.

Ticket Xetid will replace the old face-to-face booking system and the new technology will bring more convenience to the user by avoiding long queues and wasting time as customers just go to the offices. Arrange a meeting time.

What is Ticket Xetid Apk?

What was good got even better! You can check your card balance, bank statement, and suggested average daily spend, view the entire approved network of ticket acceptors, access special benefits and discount vouchers for ticket users, and directly operate and manage your benefits yourself via the app. How to change, block, reissue, and more your card password easily and conveniently!

In addition, you can now create your shopping list with your food and drink tickets so that you do not forget anything while shopping, follow everything that is happening in the world of tickets easily and quickly, and enjoy special benefits, promotions, or a lightweight application!

Secure your cards:

  • Ticket Restaurant;
  • Good Food;
  • Christmas Meal Vouchers.
  • TicketFlex.
  • Ticket
  • Kulturticket
  • TicketPlus
  • Ticketcar
  • Hygiene Label

For security reasons and for the development of improvements and new services for you, it is mandatory to register on the app ticket. In addition to more security, it offers more convenience to the user, access to maps, and consultations in his home rescues.

Ticket Xetid Apk Features 

  • Log in securely with your email address and password or simply log in with your Facebook account;
  • Centralize all your cards in one register and change your information directly from the app;
  • Check account balance, average usage, and future credit;
  • Block temporary cards;
  • Request a duplicate card* in self-service mode;
  • Knowing where the previous organizations that took advantage of you were;
  • Contact our accredited network.

Step 1: Create a ticket account:

To access the central reservation system in Cuba, you must first create an account to access and use tickets by following the steps below:

1.- Enter the platform of the central reservation system in Cuba by entering Ticket Xetid Apk.

2.- Once entered, you must register on the platform. Go to the menu (top right) to connect. Clicking takes you to the login screen. Access the direct link. Don't have an account yet? Register and fill out the registration form with the following information: