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v1.0.16 para Android
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dez 06, 2022
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Craft Mine 3D Idle Merge Mod Apk is a casual game provided by Mobi Screen Apps. It combines passive clickers and integrated gameplay to provide a unique dining experience.

You start with a small mine and work your way up by adding miners, buildings and vehicles for maximum profit and maximum efficiency. It contains different levels and missions to keep the gameplay interesting.

The graphics are boring and nothing special. However, the gameplay is quite fun and will keep you busy for hours.

Can you imagine a world where you can play with pride and take care of your pets, decorate your house, try completely different jobs and do other things? Talk to people? Developed with gameplay provided by Hagin Co., Ltd. This game requires Android 6.0 and up. Download Play Games Collective now and join a community of over 5 million passionate gamers.

Craft Mine 3D Idle Merge Mod offers us a wonderful universe where you will meet friends and explore the digital world with thousands of adventures. You can create an avatar and play several mini games. Additionally, you will participate in various missions to complete specific tasks and in return you will receive an in-game win rate. Travel through the town square and immerse yourself in a vast digital world of action.

Features of Craft Mine 3D Idle Merge Mod Apk:

Create your own digital world - In this game, you can multitask with your friends. If you have friends who are currently online, invite them to enjoy the exciting gameplay of this game. You play different missions together to earn unlimited money.

You have to work hard to earn enough money to buy the things you need.

For example, you need to buy a luxury convertible or a vintage car. In the game, you can also buy cute pets that you have to take care of. In particular, the latest game model features more than 27 types of pets for you to customize and manage, including cats.

Birds and dogs. You should manage your pet's diversity by walking them and feeding them daily.

Play with friends - There is no doubt that the game focuses on player interaction. Ask your friends or family about this exciting game and play together! You can play many games with your friend, for example, driving, walking, feeding pets, etc. It is also possible to participate in mini-games like Be Watch Plaza Hearts with your friends in the camp.

Simply put, you can play more than 15 interesting mini-games. Don't hesitate to buy the game in bulk - share this satisfying gameplay with everyone you love! The game allows you to interact with other players around the world through the chat in the game interface.

Choose Your Avatar - Before starting the game, you need to choose an avatar. The game has all kinds of options and combinations that can create a new hero. You have to choose the best character that will help you to complete each game level efficiently.

Although there are many active players, you will compete against themes to create the best digital world. During the game you can change your character's clothes and buy different accessories. Add your family members to your party and complete various quests together.

Play mini video games - By defeating autumn friends, you will definitely enjoy an extra game together! Around 17 satisfying mini-games will make you want to play this game again and again. It is important to play and transform yourself into a simple gamer who creates the best digital world. It's best to do what the game asks of you.