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Rov Apk is a fast-paced game where players compete against each other in a deadly battle for ultimate glory. The multiplayer game requires you to plan and balance teamwork and test your playing skills to win against other competing teams.

Also, the controls are easy to use and easy to master. Moreover, the Rov game allows you to join your group of friends or play with strangers for a fun gaming experience.

It has high-quality graphics and an interesting concept - it is guaranteed to attract players of various skill levels. The game allows you to customize skills and responsibilities according to different player levels for the most immersive experience.

Also, It is specifically designed for a global audience and the research team has adapted it to suit different tastes, making it suitable for gamers around the world. It provides a rich, immersive experience for gaming on mobile devices.

About Rov Apk

Rov Apk is a Thai version of the popular MOBA where players compete in 5v5 matches lasting around 15 minutes. Basically, the first team to destroy the enemy base wins. It requires a well-trained team and many individual skills.

Controls for It are fully optimized for touch screens. You can use your left thumb to move and your right thumb to use different skills. You can also buy new gear with your left thumbnail, which appears just below the map thumbnail in the upper left corner. Updating your tools and skills is important to stay competitive.

As is the norm, Rov features a variety of game modes, including the popular ranked mode and a 3v3 mode (which is smaller than 5v5). There are over 80 different heroes at your disposal, each with unique strengths and weaknesses, special abilities, and tons of extra skins that you can unlock with money.

This is undoubtedly one of the best MOBAs for Android. It is so good that it can even compete with Wild Rift and other great games. Not only does it have a wide variety of heroes and different game modes, but it also has excellent graphics and a large player base, especially in Asia.

Rov Apk Features 

Various MOBA game systems

In RoV, players can create rooms to battle with friends or other players in real-time on 5v5, 3v3, and 1v1 maps designed to be responsive. And enjoy the best gameplay of MOBA games

Teamwork battles

Team strategy, selection, and alignment of heroes with each player having different abilities and duties to support each other.

Hero record

RoV heroes are designed to have balanced stats for their roles. Flexible, and customizable in many ways depending on the player's playing style. Or in 5v5, 3v3, or 1v1 format.

Balanced game system

The game system is designed equally for all players. Use skills and allies to determine victory.

Finish the game within 10 minutes

Players can enjoy the full MOBA experience anytime, anywhere. Playing 5v5 can only take 10 minutes per game on average.

Easy controls

RoV has the best MOBA mobile gaming responsive system. Designed and researched by a world-class game development team.

Full eSports support

Get ready for the most exciting 5v5 mobile sports competition of the year.

Team battle

Team strategy, hero counters and roster and strategic planning. Team up and fight to finish the game with victory on the battlefield.

Hero record

A balanced and flexible hero allows players to adapt their plans to different situations. The fun starts with choosing a hero and continues on the actual battlefield. Only the best players win!

10 minutes of play

With fast gameplay, about 10 minutes per game, players can enjoy the full MOBA experience anytime, anywhere.

Easy controls

Intuitive controls for MOBA mobile systems designed and researched by the best game developers.


Exciting competition between professional league champions with exceptional strategies and gameplay.

Main Features 

  • A fast-paced game full of exciting turns
  • Teamwork, strategy, and composure are required under pressure
  • Play with your friends or collaborate with strangers
  • High-quality graphics and a fully immersive experience
  • Good for players of various levels
  • Specially designed for a global audience
  • Ideal for mobile devices
  • New game mode
  • Conveyor System
  • Optimized preparation system
  • Optimized in-game battlefields
  • Improve game experience
  • Hero customization to support world tournaments
  • Bugs and improvements

How do you set up a new Rov Apk?

Andy App allows you to run Rov Apk. There are many Android emulators, but in this tutorial, we will use Bluestacks. Available for Mac and Home windows devices Cell MOBA - A type of online MOBA RPG that allows players to compete against each other in 5v5, 3v3, and 1v1.