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v2.38.0 cho Android
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Thg8 14, 2022
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Subway Surfers Lento Apk is a platform game where you have to escape from the police in a dangerous train station where the trains are constantly moving at full speed. It's an endless runner with a colorful visual style, where if you crash,

it's game over and the police will come after you. But don't worry. With a tap of the screen, you will start running again in an exciting new game.

Unlike other classics of the genre, in Subway Surfers Lento App you don't control your character with an accelerator, instead, you have three paths to move your hero around the screen. They jump and roll on the ground to avoid obstacles by sliding vertically.

The most interesting feature of the game appears when you double tap the screen: you reach the skateboard for a limited time, where you can get hurt without getting hurt.

Not only do you have to run to the end, but your Subway Surfers Lento Apk are designed to collect coins and complete missions to increase your score. To improve these games, use different powers scattered throughout the landscape to help you in different ways: jump high, fly through the air fast, or automatically jump from any track.

Thanks to the collected coins, you can unlock new items, characters, and even skateboards with different abilities. Power-ups in the game get better when you invest coins in them, so you have to try to collect them while avoiding obstacles.

It is a very fun game that will keep you glued to your screen for hours with its simplicity. This is a constantly updated title that allows you to improve the records of your friends that you can find on the internet

About Subway Surfers Lento Apk

Subway Surfers Lento Apk is a free action runner game available on the App Store. The free version has some limitations, such as B. Ads and blocked content that you can only access after making in-app purchases.

You will love this game because of its great graphics, easy controls, and boosters to collect coins. Also, you can upgrade your boosts to last longer. The game has over 1 billion downloads on Google Play alone due to its incredibly addictive gameplay! Over the years,

it has been one of the best card games among millions of players. What is the secret behind it? Is the complex gameplay carefully designed to achieve this? There is no such thing!

The game is an endless runner where you have to escape the graffiti police chase in the Subway Surfers Lento Apk. The game is like a temple run where you run alone. However, the obstacles here are related to the subway, such as trains, walls, cones, etc.

Since the release of Temple Run and its sequels and spin-offs a few years ago, running games have become very popular. The huge success of the game led to a whole new game genre - Endless Runner.

We don't need to introduce this game to you in this article because you've probably heard about it before. It was released in 2012 when the mobile industry was just starting. But now the game has become a classic and is still playable.

To get a temporary advantage in the game, you also need to collect coins and power-ups. The object of the game is to run as long as possible. The situation is not as simple as it seems. As you run, gradually increase your speed until it becomes too fast for you.

That's what makes this game so addictive because you're always trying to break your own records and those of others around the world. Do you think you have what it takes to be the best runner?

Subway Surfers Lento Apk Features 

The graphics are excellent.

Subway Surfers Lento is the biggest game in this category because of its visually vibrant presentation. All colors have a positive, powerful energy that can instantly improve your day. One of the best games to relax and relieve yourself at the end of the day.

The game's roads, trains, rails, blocks, and amazing collectible symbols are all expertly designed. I like the stylish characters.

Keep your distance from the police officer.

The basic idea behind Subway Surfer is an escape from a police officer and his dog. You have to jump on the train, avoid many barricades and run as fast as possible. If you slow down, there is no hope for you. When running,

it becomes increasingly difficult to maintain a fast pace. If it's not hard, it won't be fun. Set a new high score in every game with quick reactions and fast running.

Collection of coins

You can earn money only if you have coins. With this money you can buy many products that will increase your chances of breaking a new record. Avoid getting so caught up in collecting coins that you lose sight of the inspector chasing you.

Force and accelerator

Powerup is a game that gives you superpowers and has a lot of boosts. You can collect coins as well as run them. The jetpack lets you fly through the air and the magnet helps you grab all the coins. Many more will be waiting for you.

Accelerators for progress

Boosters have a limited time in which they can be used. Don't worry, you can breed them to extend their lifespan a bit. The secret behind this is saving money. Boost your boost and take advantage of extended boost sessions.

Integrated Integrated Control

The controls are aesthetically one of the most liked aspects of the game. The ease with which the controls can be used makes the game more fun to play. The game is optimized and extremely fast, but there are no lags or lags.

The controls are quite easy to use. Just swipe in the direction you want to go and you're there.

Easy operation 

 Another aspect of the game that contributed to its success was the simplicity of the controls. Like most endurance runners, you don't need to push anything to speed up. You just need to swipe left,

right, up, and down to move your character. All you have to do is double tap the screen to activate your power up. How easy!

In some places

Although the main theme of this game is the subway, the developers would do well to change the locations from time to time. With each update, the location of the subway changes,

as do the core elements of the game. This prevents the game from becoming boring. In the current update, the game takes place in Paris.

Tons of power-ups

 What makes the game more fun is the presence of power-ups. These are temporary items that give you special benefits when used This game has many things that you can use during the run.

You can get sneakers that allow you to run faster. Or a magnet that automatically picks up all the coins around you for a certain period of time. But the best is probably the jetpack, which allows you to fly through the air and collect coins and power-ups.

Various characters

 At the beginning of the game, you can only play the role of the main character - Jack. Jack is a quiet but mischievous boy who regularly finds himself in some kind of chaos. He and his friends try to enjoy the game and escape from the authorities.